Welcome to the GaGa Animal Care website! We are an organization of volunteers that offers ex-stray dogs, mainly from the Greek island of Lesbos, a new home in the Netherlands. Dogs eligible for relocation may be adopted after a thorough adoption procedure. The adoption fee goes back to the asylum where the relevant dog comes from, to cover medical costs and sterilization of other dogs. In this way, GaGa Animal Care Lesbos can continue to offer the much needed help to animals. GaGa Animal Care also sets up sterilization projects for dogs and cats. The organization consists of a team of highly enthusiastic, involved, helpful and compassionate volunteers. We are always ready to save as many dogs as possible from the terrible conditions in which they live. Together with you, we can give these dogs a promising future, full of love. On this website you can read how you can help us.


GOALS We mediate in the placement of foreign (stray) dogs, and we are committed to minimizing the suffering of animals on the spot, as well as in the longer term by supporting neutralization actions. We also work with local organizations and volunteers to promote awareness about animal welfare.   FINANCING GaGa Animal Care has no profit objective. We request a fee for the dogs to be placed, recruiting donors and holding benefit nights. Revenue will always benefit the stray animals by means of care, sterilization, medical care and food.   REWARD POLICY Our volunteers and the board do their work on a voluntary basis, and they do not receive any wages for this purpose. All proceeds are used for our stated goals.



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