Adopt a tree

And celebrate life on the property of VILLA GAGA

Celebrate life!

Mark and cherish. Life has many special moments. Moments we want to remember and cherish. Moments to be in and stand still for a while. The birth of your child or an animal, finding love or reach a milestone. But also commemorating people or animals who have died.

Now, there is a wonderful place to do this. You can adopt a tree at the Villa GaGa estate. A beautiful old olive tree, a young or new fruit tree in the backside with beautiful views or an olive tree in the orchard of camp Gaga.

By adopting a tree you contribute to the preservation of the shelter location for the dogs of GaGa’s Animal Care Greece Foundation: a safe home in the unique nature of the beautiful Greek landscape. We promise to sustainably manage and conserve all trees.

Would you like to talk to us?

During a conversation we can explain the possibilities of available trees. By watching this place offline or online, you find the tree that suits you best. When you have made a choice you will receive a map with the location of the tree and a certificate.

Within a month we will place a wooden post at the tree with a sign board with 130 letters of your choice.

We discuss the options available to make the unveiling a special moment. A lunch or drink at the tree is possible.

The Gaga Animal Care Foundation has ANBI status, which means that your private and business donation is tax deductible.

If you need more information about the plan, or if you have any questions, please contact:

Elise Timmer (Head of Fundraising) +31 623 515 992

Anne-Marie van der Eerden (Sponsor program) +31 6519 06 726

Do not hesitate and contact us. Check our video: