Adopting a dog is an important process that can’t be done in a rush. We therefore have a careful adoption procedure to ensure that the dog really fits you and your situation. It’s important to review our adoption procedure first, to know what to expect. If you have fallen in love with a dog from the website, you can always contact us with your questions or to get more information. If we believe that the new dog suits you or your family, you are welcome to visit him or her at the host family for an initial introduction. If the dog is not yet in the Netherlands, we will ensure that they are scheduled for an available flight as soon as possible. When the dog arrives in the Netherlands, you can pick up your new friend at the airport under the guidance of one of the volunteers of GaGa Animal Care Netherlands. After the adoption, contact will continue to exist with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly and we can guide you with tips and advice. Of course, you can always reach us with questions.