At GaGa Animal Care Netherlands, we work with a fairly strict procedure prior to adoption, to make sure we get the best match possible. The procedure consists of the following steps:

When you have indicated that you are interested in a dog, one of our volunteers will contact you via phone. During this intake conversation, among other things your wishes and living situation will be discussed. We will tell you as much as we know about the dog. In this way, we can be sure that the dog will be absolutely fine. Often, questions still remain unanswered. These can be answered by us during the visit to your house. When everyone is positive after this visit, the adoption procedure can proceed.

When the dog arrives in The Netherlands, you can visit him or her at the host family to meet for the first time. After deliberation with the host family, the final decision about adopting or not can be made.

If the dog is still abroad, we will make sure that he or she can come here on the first available flight. Most of the time, they arrive at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. We will invite you to meet your new friend here on an agreed date and time. Naturally, one of our volunteers will be present to help during the transfer.

We ask for a compensation for adoption. This can be seen as a compensation for costs. All the animals are nailed, chipped, deformed and abducted and have a rabies vaccination and a European passport. You will receive this passport when you take your new dog home. Dogs older than six months are also castrated or sterilized and tested for so called \”Mediterranean Sea diseases\”.

The adoption compensation for a non-castrated/sterilized dog is €275.

The adoption compensation for a castrated/sterilized dog is €350.