Many dogs cannot be taken directly into an adoptive family. This is simply because they have not yet been adopted and sometimes because a dog is not yet \”adoptable\”. These dogs will first go to a host family. To help GaGa Animal Care Netherlands, you can become a host family. This is a family that caters for the dog in the period until adoption. The dog can get used to living with people in a host family and can learn a lot of new things. Often these dogs are used to living on the streets, on a chain or in an asylum. Some dogs can quickly adapt to the new situation, but in others it may take longer. As a host family, you also have a lot of influence during adoption. You know most about the behavior of the dog, and it is also possible to estimate which of the candidates best suits the dog. Host family is a voluntary action, but you will give you a lot of love and satisfaction! As a host family you are not required to pick up the dog from the airport yourself. If necessary, GaGa Animal Care can arrange a guest rider. Any travel expenses will be reimbursed, as well as costs for the vet, if something happens to the dog unexpectedly. If you want to become a host family at GaGa Animal Care Netherlands or just want more information, please send us an email or call Tamara Vinkesteijn, our family coordinator.