Be our GaGa Friend – Join us and donate 1 euro a month. This will always be 1 euro, no more and no less!

How TEAMING works

If you become a Teamer, you donate 1 euro each month. This means you cannot opt to donate any other amount. Log in through Facebook or register in just one minute. Be sure to have your international bank account number (IBAN) at hand. Each month, 1 euro will be debited from your bank account, which will go to our shelter. You can participate in any country. Just go to Teaming – Be our GaGa Friend.

What will the money be used for?

It will go towards meeting our day-to-day costs, such as:

  • all the costs incurred in providing shelter, such as medical expenses and animal food, but also running expenses, such as maintenance, electricity, water, cleaning, taxes, insurance and security
  • keeping the dogs that cannot travel to foster families
  • dog and cat neutering programs
  • year-round cat food programs


We have selected TEAMING as our website because it does not charge us anything on the 1 euro donations we receive – ALL donations go to our shelter facility! The website is secure, and numerous foundations and projects use it. The good thing about Teaming is that it costs are truly shared and jointly borne.

Please register, or contact us if you have any questions. Tell others about the support you provide and ask them to become a Teamer too!

Portraits of our dogs

Be our GaGa Friend – Spirit

Be our GaGa Friend – Beppie and her puppies

Be our GaGa Friend – Mumya

Be our GaGa Friend – Manuela & James

Be our GaGa Friend – LouLou

Be Our GaGa Friend – We can achieve do more together to help the animals in need on Lesvos!